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Pyba means “piping” in Cornish and we take our inspiration from the invitation to dance in Beunans Meriasek (The Life of Meriasek) a Cornish mystery play from 1504 :

“Pybough Menstrels volonnek, May hyllyn donsia dyson”

(Pipe you hearty minstrels, That we might dance without delay)

 We provide social dance events, displays and workshops that encompass all the costumes and styles of dance in Cornwall from Henric and Johanna, pipers to the Earls of Cornwall through the Poldark era to Harry and Carrie, itinerant street entertainers of 1904. We bring our historical characters to life in “The Guize Dancers Tale” with stories and music tailored the era or interest and occasion.


Pyba have travelled the Cornish Diaspora to perform at festivals in America and Australia and have regularly visited major European festivals such as the Europæisk Middelalder Festival” in Denmark and Herstmonceaux Castle in East Suffolk. With an augmented band we also play as North Cornwall Ceilidh Band & caller providing the full range of Cornish and Celtic social dances.