It was with great regret that the majority of the current members of the group decided on the 17th of July 2018 that it was no longer feasible to continue running the group with such small numbers.

The group was started in 1980 by Jenefer Lowe and Andy Davey, this was the year following the formation of Cam Kernewek who were the first Cornish dance group to be formed following research into Cornish dances and their associated music, by Alison and Merv Davey.

The name Ros Keltek translates into English as Celtic Circle. The name was taken as an idea from several Breton groups that existed at the time whose name included the word Cercle.

During its 38 years of existence the group has taught many dancers who have gone on to join and/or form other Cornish dance groups. Similarly, our musicians have learnt Cornish tunes and are spreading the sound in a variety of ensembles. Jenefer, as the original leader of the group has taught many Cornish dancers over the years. Others that have followed namely Pat Rye, Margaret Lyon, Beverley Cuthbert, Helen Musser and Sue Prout have carried on running the Friday evening dance practice sessions. Bev and Helen devised new dances and added choreography to Ros Keltek displays.

The group has travelled widely in the past. We have visited and performed in England, Ireland, Brittany, the Isle of Man, Wales and obviously Cornwall. The only Celtic UK country that we didn’t reach was Scotland.

We have also travelled abroad, having visited Romania, Belgium, Galicia and the USA.

At its peak the group provided Cornish Dance Displays, Interceltic Dance Displays, Cornish or Interceltic dance workshops, a Ceilidh band and caller, a full Cornish evening and Cornish dance- in- education for schools.

We now have a list of P.A. Equipment to sell. Please click on the button below to see/download  the list

P.A. Equipment List